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It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day management of your eCommerce business. Sometimes it’s tough to remember there is a human consumer at the other end of your transactions. That “user” we always mention (user experience… user interface… usability) is your customer, and merchandising is the key to helping them make the right buying decision and purchase from you.

EPORIA’s built in merchandising tools make it simpler to manage, but merchandising is a philosophy – an art – a moving target that requires constant attention.

The big picture of merchandising is the culmination of a well-managed site across all of the various merchandising areas, including promotions, on-site ads, cross-selling and up-selling, search strategies, and well-merchandised categories. Our extensible eCommerce platform provides adaptive merchandising tools and scalable functionality designed for the ecommerce retailer to increase conversion, boost order size, reduce cart abandonment, extend customer relationships, and build business.