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Conversion Marketing

Conversion Marketing

Your ultimate goal: convert a browser into a buyer. You value brand equity, loyalty, a positive experience for your customers… but your eCommerce web site has a singular mission: attract qualified traffic and instigate the purchase.

We never lose sight of this while building our solution, and it is forefront as our Conversion Marketing experts help you get the most from the digital channel.
Driven by ROI, our Conversion Marketing™ methodology attracts more qualified traffic, resulting in higher conversion = more sales.

We have more than a dozen years of experience monitoring and interpreting the online behavior of our clients’ customers, and we are one of the few eCommerce platforms with deep experience in both B2B and B2C, driving commerce for retailers, distributors, and manufacturers and connecting all channels.

This cumulative data is combined with constant, ongoing analysis of current statistics. We have the experience to know what works, and the resources to make adjustments to constantly improve results.

By pairing EPORIA’s Conversion Marketing Platform with our professionally executed advertising campaigns, your brand is protected, efforts are streamlined, and a significant, faster return on investment is realized.