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Digital marketing is its own animal. Traditional advertising is one-dimensional, a single direction message. Online, everything is driven by behavior and interaction. Understanding what will drive those interactions in the right direction is what makes us experts in the field. 

You get to tap into that knowledge simply by using our platform to drive your eCommerce web initiatives… or allow us to serve as your marketing department and fully benefit from our 360-degree view of the digital landscape while freeing your internal resources.

As a full service digital marketing agency, our wealth of knowledge and depth of experience are yours to leverage. Our partial services hit-list: 

eCommerce web design, conversion marketing, web merchandisingtap into our 360 degree view --
free up internal resources

  • eCommerce web design
  • Graphic design for advertising, on-site and off
  • Search marketing (SEM, SEO, PPC, PLA)
  • Website merchandising
  • Social media and email marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO services include complete website optimization, local search, and ongoing SEO management to ensure your brand remains visible in the competitive world of organic search. Our expertise will drive highly valuable search traffic to your online channels to increase your brand’s reach and amplify your selling opportunities.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing campaign optimization is an ongoing process requiring in-depth knowledge, devotion and strategy. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to managing pay-per-click and display advertising programs. Reaching impression and conversion rate targets within time and budget constraints requires expert knowledge and experience to maximize your ROI. We can setup and manage this daunting task to quickly build your brand presence and increase your conversion rates.

Email Marketing

Our comprehensive email marketing solutions include everything you need for successful email marketing campaigns, including copywriting, designing, and imagery to set your brand apart. We focus our marketing campaign development on evoking your customer’s interest to fulfill your online marketing and sales goals. From auto populating your email marketing lists with new customers to key metric reporting, our email marketing delivers everything needed to increase your reach and return.

Strategic Web Analytics

Our web analytics expertise provides you with actionable insights to strengthen you website’s visitor engagement and conversion. We can fully manage your website analysis needs to provide you with invaluable drill downs into your customer behavior, buying patterns, product interests, content quality, ad success, and website performance. EPORIA can clearly confirm what pages of your site are producing results, and where enhancements need to be made to increase both visitor activity and conversion.

Big Picture

At EPORIA, we are continuously pushing the bar to maximize the success of our clients. Regardless of what new technologies evolve in the marketplace or the web, we are able to quickly guide you in making the right decisions about which paths to take for greater ROI. Our agile team of developers, designers, and digital marketing experts, partner with you to ensure your brand is able to profit from the ever-growing opportunities that are happening right now, and that will arise in the future.